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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

4MLinux loves TUI

GUI = Graphical User Interface
TUI = Text-based User Interface

I have always paid a special attention to TUI in 4MLinux. This is why there is a kind of duality (GUI + TUI) in this system. It would be the best if I show you an example.

1) Select LPairs from the Mystery Menu:

2) A very nice game will be opened:

3) Now close your X:

4) Execute 'lpairs' in your console:

5) Surprise! The same game will be opened (although X is not running):

All the applications, that are described in the first chapter (titled "Basic Help") of 4MLinux help file, behave in the same way as LPairs, meaning that you can play games (watch videos, view images, surf the Internet....) both with and without X. Just try it yourself by running, for example, 'koules', 'breakout', 'letsplay', 'zgv', 'links2' in your console shell (i.e. without X).

Have fun :-)

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