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Friday, January 4, 2013

4MLinux login.

Assuming that your copy of 4MLinux Live CD is ready, it's time to try it! Some people have a problem to log in into 4MLinux live CD. There is no default password in 4MLinux. You will be asked to choose one during the boot time.

New versions of 4MLinux LiveCD do not require any password to enter X.Org session, which is started automatically without needing to log in.
You still have to to setup root's password to be able to log in into 4MLinux, that is installed to a hard disk drive.

1) Boot your 4MLinux CD (or USB):

2) On the 1st screen you are asked to choose a password for root:


3) ...and to repeat this password:

Note: If you see any warnings ("Bad password: too short" or "Bad password: too weak"), you can ignore them now, meaning that you should repeat the same ("bad") password again. You'll be able to change it later. 

4) On the 2nd screen you can log in as "root", using this new password chosen by you:


Welcome to your 4MLinux Box!
Are you going to install 4MLinux to a hard disk drive? If so, please continue your reading here.


  1. So much browsing to find:

    based on Fedora ?
    386, but not PAE (I run 16GB memory) ?

    Ca use Fedora's repositories?

  2. Read points 3.2 and 3.3 here:

    4MLinux includes limited support for "alien" packages. The following commands should work:
    installpkg package.txz (for Slackware packages),
    dpkg -i package.deb (for Debian and Ubuntu packages),
    rpm -i package.rpm (for Fedora and RedHat packages).

    4MLinux native package manager is called "zk".

  3. -sh : startx : not found

    1. Are you trying to run X in 4MLinux Core ?

  4. Ok, I got 4mlinux from Linux format. I'm installing the media edition on an SD card to run an HP mini that had the Hard drive die. That hard drive is very expensive.

    So, couple questions, is it possible to run this with no passwords?

    Can 4mlinux be used to write .dd files to solid state drives? One need I have is to restore the DOM on some thin clients. Windows XPE originally installed. Have a fellow I am trying to do this for.

    I have a LOT of computer experience, but little Linux experience, and none with 4mlinux till right now.

    These are my current prime projects.

    Oh, and why does it use Wine to load Firefox for windows instead of Firefox for linux?

    My only other plans for this for now are to add Teamviewer and Skype. But first I get it running.

    1. Have a look here:

      "My only other plans for this for now are to add Teamviewer and Skype". Even advanced Linux users would have to have a little time to figure out how to get it work in 4MLinux.

      To be quite honest, 4MLinux may NOT be the best choice for your plans... Good luck :-)

    2. Thanks. I do need an OS suitable for smaller systems, as it will run in ram. Also, I have other, older and slower computers I want to work with. So, maybe I will have to keep looking.

    3. So 4MLinux (especially its main edition, which is only 50 MB in size) can be very good solution for that !
      In my first answer above I meant that adding new programs (which are not available out of the box) might be not easy. On the other hand you have Wine in 4MLinux, so Win32 ("exe") applications can be installed very easily :-)

  5. Well, 4MLinux looks promising, However, When I try to test it in Virtualbox, I get a "kernel panic not syncing error". I kind of have this policy that if I can't test a distro in vbox, then it is not worth testing. Soooo, how do I get 4mLinux to run in Vbox ???

    1. There may be 14512 reasons :-) You must learn of lot how to report errors. To cut a long story short, you should give as many details as possible (such as 4MLinux version, Virtual Box version, what system as you are running). Knowing that, a developer can try to reproduce the error reported by you. Next, he can try to fix it.

      All 4MLinux screenshots you can see at Softpedia and Distrowatch are taken using Virtual Box!

    2. I have the same problem. I tried 4MLinux-10.0.iso on two different machines:
      1. Windows 7 32bit, Virtualbox 4.3.10
      2. Ubuntu 12.04 32bit VirtualBox 4.3.18
      Results identical! It goes through all settings - did not help!

    3. Can you also send 2 screenshots of your VB settings (General + System)?


    1. Well... I had no problem to run 4MLinux with your settings. How much RAM does your computer has (a real one, not a virtual one) ?